Who we are & what we do

One mundane evening an idea was born, and out of this idea arose a worldwide tattoo project.
We, SAM, produce and exclusively distribute skin transfer tattoos worldwide. Our designs and logos are one of a kind, and by bringing people together (i.e. fan culture) and doing good, we hope to successfully contribute to making the world a little brighter and surely more colorful.

It all began with a successful application for a FIFA license regarding the FIFA World Cup 2014 in Brazil. The positive feedback that followed our sample production, led us to carrying the idea even further and beyond the initial framework.

Now, not only sport fans can wear their team’s mascot or logos, but other temporary tattoos depicting other favorites will be available on the market as well.

Our goal is to distribute our licensed products worldwide and thus, be able to support charity organizations with a part of our revenue. As we place great value on high quality, all our products are strictly manufactured under certified dermatological and cosmetic guidelines.

Where we are located

SAM, Sacred Assets Management AG based in Zug (CH) was founded in 2013. Behind the facade of this peaceful town, our team develops ideas, which finally become products that can be purchased across the globe.

A heart for children

The nicest side effect to our tattoos is that with every purchase, you support children in need. In collaboration with BILD hilft e.V. "Ein Herz für Kinder" we seek to support charity organizations that have made it their duty to aid specifically children.

You may be sure that our help arrives without detour exactly where it’s needed. For more information visit:

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